Public Testimony and Input

The North Carolina Commission of Inquiry on Torture is investigating North Carolina's role in the CIA extraordinary rendition and torture program of 2001-2006.  The Commission is non-partisan and includes military veterans, health professionals, law professors, and members of different faiths.

The NCCIT held public hearings on Nov 30th and Dec 1st and is currently welcoming additional public input to include in the report. 


Seeking public input:

NCCIT Commissioners will be issuing a report in 2018 with the findings of their investigation and recommendations to local, state, and national entities.  In addition to seeking information from witnesses appearing at the public hearing, the Commission also invites testimony and input from all members of the public in order to better understand how North Carolina became involved in CIA missions that led to the torture of dozens of people.  One of the main ways this occurred was through the use of public airports for flights operated by Aero Contractors, a Johnston County-based aviation company.  

While the inquiry continues to gather facts, the Commission welcomes anyone with information to submit relevant information or recommendations.

The Commission wants to hear diverse points of view.  It welcomes input from those directly involved, with direct knowledge of the events or just from concerned NC citizens.  The Commission cannot accept classified information and does not invite anonymous testimony.  It can, however, assure those who desire that their testimony will remain confidential.

If you have information that may be relevant for the Commission to consider, email or fill out the form below.  

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