Next Event: 

  • September 27th - Final Report Launch, Downtown Raleigh - Join our mailing list for updates. 


NCCIT is available to speak to local churches and organizations, and we fully encourage others to hold discussions on this issue. Please contact info@nccit.org if you would like an NCCIT representative to speak at your organization. 

Previous Events: 

  • April 10th - David Crane, Accountability for Human Rights, NCSU School of Public & Int. Affairs
  • April 12th - Fearrington Village Great Decisions Series 
  • May 8th - Washington D.C. Round Table
  • May 12th - Beth Meyer Synagogue 
  • May 16th - High-Level Dinner
  • May 17th - Faith Round Table 
  • May 24th - Beth Meyer Synagogue