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The NCCIT would like to thank all the individuals and organizations who have contributed financially to make this inquiry possible:

Sarah Anderson

Kenneth W. Ashe

Asheville Friends Meeting

Peter Balint-Kurti

Catherine Bergel

David & Debbie Biesack

Beth Brockman

Sam & Nancye Bryan

Mary Bushnell

Elizabeth T. Byrd

Allyson Caison

Hodding Carter III

Alexander Charns

Church of Reconciliation

Michael Cinquanti

Sandra C. Close

Charles & Martha Coe

Katherine Cole & Steven Garfinkel

Community Church of Chapel Hill UU

Christina Cowger

Polk Culpepper

Anne C. Dahle

Martha Davis

Stephen Dear

Marcia C. Dodge

Ariel Dorfman

Art Eccleston

Steven Edelstein

Eidelson Family Philanthropic Fund

Julia Elsee

Chuck Fager

Judith Ferster

Dan Figgins, Jr.

Laura Fine

Wallace W. Finlator, Jr.

Curry First

Audrey Fisher

Janie Freeman

Ashley D. Friend-Kendall

Ronna M. Friend

Kris Garvin

Robert Geary

Rob Gelblum

Fran Geteles-Shapiro

John and Susan Gilbert

Frank Goldsmith

Steven Greene

Robert Guldin

Laurence M. Hager

Bob Hall & Jennifer Miller

Jean Handy

Francis Heidlage

Millie & Barlow Herget

Ann C. Howe

Mary Hulett

Jane Hunt

Andrew Irwin

Sandy & Deane Irving

Merry Janes

Douglas Johnson

Sonja A. Johnson

Raphael Jones

Jeffrey S. Kaye

Lynn Kohn

Catherine Y. Kim

Eleanor G. Kinnaird

Philip & Ronna Klein

John & Olivia LaMotte

Betty Jane Lazo

Alexis Lein

Mary Lou Leiser Smith

Carlos Mahoney

Gregory C. Malhoit

Philip and Ann Mawer

Floyd F. McGurk

Christopher A. McLachlan

McMillan & Smith, Attorneys

R. Wally Myers

Nancy McNeill Mills

Peggy Misch

Mark Nance

Slater Newman

Lynn Newsom

Gene Nichol

North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church

Open Society Foundations

Jim Overton

John Parker

M. Travis Payne

Margaret Peeples

Louis A. Perez

Laura Pitter

Lewis Pitts

Steven Powell

Presbytery of New Hope

Miriam Prichard

Margaret Rafferty

Raleigh Friends Meeting

Bill Ramsey

Warren A. Raybould

Paul Rehm and Kathe Sander-Rehm

Traciel Reid

Steven Reisner

Jeremy A. Rinker

Joel Rosch

John Rose & Betty Webb

Martha D. Rothstein

Reid Russell

Kathryn Sabbeth

Margaret L. Satterthwaite

Stephen Schewell

Michael L. Schwalbe

Rev. Robert Seymour

Lawrence J. Siems

Erin Sigmon

Andy Silver

Sushma Singh

George Smart

Clark & Diane Smith

Susan Spivack

Richard & Arlene Sroczynski

St. Mary of the Hills Episcopal Church (Gary Gloster)

Joette Steger

Jane Stein

Strawberry Jam Tours

Michael J. Struett

Nancy A. Talanian

Rev. Robin Tanner, Piedmont UU Church

Marnie Thompson

Joan Tillotson

Mary Beth Tobin & John I. Connors

J. David Tolbert

Curt A. Torell

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh

Jeremy Varon

Veterans for Peace Chapter 099

Roger A. Walke

Joan A. Walsh

Washington State Religious Campaign Against Torture

Deborah Weissman

Barbara Wike

Jill Williams

Lawrence Wilkerson

Andrew Wimmer

Benjamin Wizner

Dee J. Worley

Ruth Zalph

Barbara Zelter